How Long Is Too Long For My Resume?
You know the myth—a good resume should be no longer than one page. Why in the world should that be etched in stone?

Maybe one page is not the right length. You might have a lot of accomplishments to share. You might have a very long career history. And it might not be even remotely reasonable to expect you to sum yourself up in one page.

Now, that said, how long is too long?

Best Length for a Resume

Here is my best advice … Say what you need to say, and then stop. Remember, too, that people like to process information in snippets, so instead of going on and on for paragraphs, deliver your information in bullet points, no more than three lines long.

Keep your career summary to three or four lines.

And finally, go back to your paragraphs again, and make sure that none of them are any more than three or four sentences.

Remember, you can hardly ever deliver information in snippets that are too short, but you can go too long. Condense wherever you can, and look at your language. Think about the way you usually speak. Do you say “At this point in time” instead of “Now”? Do you say “In the event that” instead of “If?” Do you say “In the fullness of time” instead of “When”? At this point in time, you are in full comprehension of the essential meaning of the concept.

Okay, I didn’t say that. What I said, if you have been paying attention, is: “You know what I mean.” Keep it short and simple, and never use more than one word when one will suffice.

Condense, Condense, Condense

I can’t say it often enough. Condense. Do not go on forever. Now, having said that, the two-page resume guideline is just that—it is a guideline, not a rule. But the less people have to read about you, the more they will learn about you. Say what you have to say, and then say no more.

Building a Nice, Tight Resume

Figuring out the right length for your resume might not always be easy. It’s no problem if you have a very brief employment history; but if you have been in the workforce for a long time, it can be hard to decide what to include and what to omit.


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